Welcome to the Fish for Science website. We’d like to introduce you to our favourite model organism, the zebrafish. Not sure what a model organism is, or come to that, what a zebrafish is? Well this is the place to find out. 

Fish head

On this website you can learn about why zebrafish can help us understand human diseases and how to develop treatments for them.  We'll show you why we use genetically modified zebrafish that have fluorescent cells and organs for our essential research into human health and disease.

Understanding how human bodies work and what causes human disease is the key to future medical breakthroughs. At the MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedical Genetics (CDBG) at the University of Sheffield, biologists and hospital doctors have teamed up to use zebrafish embryos to learn more about human disease.   Our hope is to create new diagnostic tests and discover new treatments for disease.


Outreach Activities

Getting Feedback

We love getting out of the lab and talking to the public about our work, as do many scientists.  Doi...

Make your own zebrafish

Do you fancy making your own (origami) zebrafish? This cute little critter would look great hanging ...

Festival of the Mind

 The Festival of the Mind is a celebration of ideas, culture and collaboration. It’s open to everyon...

Observe Closely

 A collaboration between Caroline Parkin (Research Fellow, MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedic...

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

The Royal Society (the world's oldest scientific society) selected members of the Centre to exhibit ...

Genotype to Phenotype

Genotype to PhenotypeAre you struggling to get across to your students how a strand of DNA can form ...

Outreach Activities

Members of the CDBG are keen to promote the public understanding of science, therefore we take part ...

  • Getting Feedback

  • Make your own zebrafish

  • Festival of the Mind

  • Observe Closely

  • Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

  • Genotype to Phenotype

  • Outreach Activities